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direction to help the american people to have affordable healthcare. right now we are in a state of confusion and no one really knows what's going on. that's the problem. >> i was surprised. first of all i thought it was dreadful that she told the president that all systems were go. and that -- and they -- and that it was a disaster. i mean, that to me was terrible. it's stunning that she gave the green light. >> well, when you have three years to execute something like, this something that is very massive. one of the largest new entitlement programs that the country has seen, you know, you have got to do reverse cycle planning. if you are going to kick this thing off on the first of october, you have got to back it up year and a half. start doing incremental steps to make sure everything is on track. do some rehearsal test runs and test drives from. what i understand they didn't start a lot of this process until about 30 or 60 days out. >> i was in the room, and i will tell you when was saying that the system was improving and then flashed up on a big screen for everyone to see
>>> on the hot seat. a key member of president obama's healthcare team, grilled by congress. >> what she says about the troubled website, and when it will be fixed. >> hi, everybody. i'm mary bubala. >> i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about. >> president obama's signature legislation, the affordable healthcare act, under fire in washington. for the first time, lawmakers grill a member of the administration about what went wrong. danielle nottingham reports for wjz from capitol hill. >> the obama administration official who oversaw the launch of the government's healthcare exchanges is apologizing for the disastrous website, and promising service will improve. >> the bottom line conclusion is this healthcare.gov website is fixable. >> marilyn tavener says more than 700,000 people have filled out applications online. but the administration won't release enrollment numbers online. >> how will you know how many people will be enrolled? >> we'll have that next november. >>> we've got to 44 votes. 48 votes now. of you trying to dismantle the legislation. you call t
news at 5:00. healthcare.gov. headaches. problems persist for those trying to sign up. why the number of people who need coverage could grow by the millions. >>> i'm alex demetrick. coming up, final arguments in the stent doctor lawsuit. now, the jury will set the damages. that story as eyewitness news continues. >>> the city's only dental program for high schoolers marks a major milestone. >>> coming up, how these students are making the communities smile. i'm gigi barnett. that story is next in tonight's school watch. >>> skies are clearing. -- will we stay dry this weekend? don't miss the updated first warning forecast with bob. mnever sleeping.g. ever saving. for him, her, and you. every day. but quality affordable health care seems forever out of reach -- until now. i'm doctor peter beilenson. with local doctors we've founded a new approach to health insurance -- evergreen health. neighborhood care, same day appointments, a team approach with doctors and nurses who get to know you. that's evergreen health. learn more at evergreenmd.org. >>> it is mostly sunny. 71 degrees in centr
the maryland healthcare connection outreach van, as it makes its final stop here in maryland. >> reporter: even without technical computer glitches, understanding all of those insurance plans can be complicated. that's why federal and state lawmakers are calling for more changes to help smooth out the rocky enrollment road. >> reporter: lawmakers on capitol hill had tough criticism for the woman who runs medicare and medicaid services. the agency in charge are the troubled healthcare.gov website. >> i think this was designed to fail from the beginning. >> there is a disaster a rollout that is occurring. >> reporter: while some in congress call for delays to enrollment deadlines. >> the bottom line conclusion is, this health care gov website is fixable. >> for many marylanders. >> i'm trying to find out what they are. >> using the state's own online health insurance exchange website. teens enrolling have been touring the state, answering questions. >> the average person doesn't know all about insurance, what their options are, or even that they're eligible. >> reporter: in som
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. >> healthcare.gov is plagued by glitches. >> riddled with glitches. >> glitches. >> snafu. >> bugs, kinks, whatever you want to call this. >> jon: glitches. yes apparently the health care.com goff has 99 problems healthcare.gov has 99 problems but a glitch is all of them. [laughter] let's introduce the new segment spinning beach ball of health care. what re talking about here? page freezes? >> many are having trouble just getting on to the web site, logging on. >> jon: okay so the first step doesn't work. [ laughter ] well, i have a feeling after that it's -- [laughter] >> wrong information on medicaid eligibility and long delays in timeouts. >> jon: that's not so bad it's also a feature of nfl games in america. america loves those. >> confusing error messages, broken calculators. >> jon: the (bleep) call cue later doesn't work? -- calculator doesn't work? the one thing included in computers since 1972, you couldn't make that work? what is the only thing that calculator does is spell out the word boobs no matter what you plug into it? how does it not work? give it to us straight, how bad
's healthcare access, social security you paid into. and scientific research, everything they talk about. without eageration, is about turning back what the rest the country and the world think its progress. >> over the week president obama of at mcauliffe's side as well. >> nothing makes me more nervous than when my supporters feel too confident, i want to put the fear of god in all of you. virginia has been a swing state. and this racing be close. because past races in virginia have always been close. >> reporter: this time, each side is focused on what they like least about the other. lou. lou: carl thank you. >> be sure to join us for a "lou dobbs tonight" special report, we'll be live at 10:00 eastern tomorrow evening, final results, president obama tonight joining liberal proponents of health care speaking at a rally of supporters in his reelect campaign, and so-called working dinner with top donors of obama army, organizing for action, starting tomorrow president, desperate to change the subject again from the obamacare disaster, hits the road, trying to create a blinding pivot fr
official concedes the problems plaguing healthcare.gov have crippled its launch. good evening. i'm gwen ifill. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. also ahead this tuesday, top intelligence officials before a separate house panel faced a barrage of questions about n.s.a. surveillance of u.s. allies. >> ifill: and one year after superstorm sandy, what american cities can learn from the netherlands, as they prepare for the next big storm. >> test test test for newshour. testing testing. >> you are quite surprised to see a city like new york, so many people expose and no levees and no protection at all, that was astonishing to me. >> ifill: those are just some of the stories we're covering on tonight's pbs newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> united healthcare-- online at uhc.com. >> the william and flora hewlett foundation, working to solve social and environmental problems at home and around the world. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> thi
, healthcare.gov this is where you go if you don't have insurance, to shop for a policy, it has had props glitches they were first called. the administration said this was all about the enthusiasm on the part of the public, so many people are logging on, it just can't handle it. now they are admitted that there are serious problems. they have assign add czar to looking after it. they are say it is bulk of these problems will be fixed by the end of november. boomage while, the head of the cms has this to say. >> i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. we know highway you need affordable coverage. we are working around the clock to deliver the shopping experience that you deserve. >> and a no small irony, many people have pointed 24 out, that republicans have tried to defund the government in order to kill the affordable care act, obama-care as they would have it, are now holding a series of hearings wondering what in the world is wrong with this website, why people can't get on and buy the insurance that they are trying to kill to take away. dave ca
healthcare.gov was closed overnight again. we brought in james capretta and dr. ezekiel emanuel. welcome to "fox news sunday." let's start with that pledge from the president when he was trying to sell obama care. here it is. >> we will keep this promise to the american people. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan period. no one will take it away. >> but it turns out millions of americans are not able to keep their plans, they're losing them. florida blue canceled 300,000 people. in california 280,000 policies canceled. in oregon 150,000. the white house now says the explanation was that that pleg only counted until the health care law was signed? 2010. and these policies are lousy. >> there is two things to it. there was no extenuating circumstances when he said you can keep your plan. he said clearly you can keep your plan. this is not a minor pledge. it's like the first president bush saying no new taxes in 1990 and 1988. he broke that pledge and he had the honesty to sa
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responsible for healthcare.gov rollout became the first obama administration official to testify before congress. until today tavenner had largely avoided scrutiny from republicans who have instead preferred to train their fire on her boss kathleen sebelius. >> i understand you're not publicly releasing those numbers but i'm asking, do you have any idea of on a weekly basis how many people enrolled in how do you not know how many people have enrolled? >> we'll have those numbers available mid november. >> while the sniping over the website persists in committee, republican leadership is out with a new message. we're over the website. >> the problem with obama care isn't just the website, it's the whole law. >> the bottom line is the problems with obama care run deeper than just the website. >> the problems go well beyond a flopped website. >> it is clear obama care and flaws are much more than the website. the website is the tip of the iceberg. >> this week republicans smelled blood in president obama's claim no americans would be kicked off their existing plans. >> let me repeat this.
healthcare.gov on the first day it went live. you know what they say. the road to hell is paved with good intentions. left over halloween imagery for you there. a deep dive to the effort to fix campaign cash laws that set washington on a course for dysfunction. good morning. it's friday, november 1st. i'm always thinking about another race ahead and another contest. at 1600. let's start with the first reads of the morning. we will talk weekly round up of all things. hillary clinton is not exactly hunkering down and keeping a low profile. in case you missed it, she has an aggressive fall schedule. as impressive as any potential presidential candidate. over the last ten days, a flurry of speeches and fund-raisers has taken her from buffalo new york to chicago to beverly hills. this afternoon, pennsylvania. she key notes the conference for women in philadelphia. it ends a week where we learned every woman in the senate, democratic side is privately signed a letter urging her to run. hollywood in the form of the once close supporter who had split with them to support obama in 2008 is wacking
much. the healthcare.gov website has a new look. gone is the woman that's been the face of the website for these weeks. she's been replaced by new four ways to get coverage link perhaps being more direct in helping people navigate the website. this is to emphasize more ways for people to sign up for the health care. however, the change is basically cosmetic. it follows the latest problems with the site, the part that verified information for people applying for insurance went down yesterday. they are blaming a technical problem by verizon, which operates the federal data hub. wednesday is shaping up tore quite a critical day. that is when president obama will take the push for enrollment to massachusetts and also when health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius will testify about the problems with the website. renee elmers of north carolina is one of the committee members who will committee is sebelius. >> why did she repeatedly tell us by that october 1st, that website would be ready to go, that every american would be able to come on? i also want to understand, who did what
administration official over its problematic healthcare.gov website. this as many marylanders are still trying to sign up. here is meghan mccorkell with the story. >> good morning. that problem plagued website had ed lots of questions on capitol hill. >> we're barely four weeks into this one and we're already declaring it dead. >> why should the american people believe you now? >> rapid fire questions for the head of the federal health care website who apologized for what's being called a disaster roll out. >> this is fixable. >> now another hit for o.k. oh it -- for oh lam baabama care. >> insurance providers are dropping more than 2 million people. >> the white house website said if you want to keep the health insurance that you got you can keep it. now they're being told they can't. that's a lie. >> that's sending more people into the health care exchange. >> here in maryland officials say more than 300,000 people visited the state's health care exchange website. website woes are a slow down. >> the exchange is working hard around the clock to fix all the kinks and work out things. >> 40,
, -- kathleen sebelius and he hotseat over healthcare.gov. live coverage on c-span3 at 9:00 a.m. be toutingbama will the affordable care act in boston at the same place that mitt romney signed into law his health care initiative. that coverage also on c-span. sticking with the president today -- peter baker in the new writes about the accountability on the nsa spying issue. here's peter baker's headline. post, bye washington scott wilson, controversies show how obama's inattention to detail may hurt his presidential legacy. we want to get your thoughts on this. republicans, (202) 585-3881. democrats, (202) 585-3880. independents, (202) 585-3882. tweet, @cspanwj. you can also post your comments on facebook or e-mail us. on both fronts on the nsa and the health care law, president obama's! down to this -- i did not know. no president can be aware of everything going on in a sprawling government that he theoretically manage. -- theoretically manages. this constant questions about how much in charge he really is. days, the president's health and human services secretary said that the -- that despi
, kathleen sebelius, faces congress. she will blame the failures of the healthcare.gov website on the contractors who built it. but documents show that the main contractor warned the government about issues with the site before it went live, raising questions about whether the administration should have delayed the launch of the health care marketplace. admitting healthcare.gov has not performed properly, the obama administration apologized to the public. >> i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. >> reporter: republicans say problems with president obama's health care law go beyond healthcare.gov woes. >> the problem with obama care isn't just the website. it's the whole law. >> reporter: republicans point to these comments made by the president as he attempted to explain the complicated reform plan. >> if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. >> reporter: but for 14 million americans who buy private health insurance, that may not be the case. julie prince got a letter from her insurance company, informing her that her private pla
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night live. >> millions of americans are visiting healthcare.gov which is great news. unfortunately the site was only designed to handle six users at a time. >> reporter: would turn into an actual prediction. on friday, they revealed that only six americans were able to sign up on obama care flawed website on the first day. some unable to keep its health care plan. as the president promised over and over again. >> i said this once or twice but it bears repeating if you like your health care -- if you like if you like your plan, you keep your plan. you can keep your plan. period. >> reporter: it suddenly changed. most, if not all, could keep their health care plan. then there are the new bombshells in the book "double down." including campaign staffers offering an intervention after obama's disastrous first debate. the president telling them, "i just don't know if i can do this." his supposed take on bill clinton. "i like him, in doses." the splashiest claim, the obama campaign secretly did research on the possibility of replacing vice president biden with hillary clinton. >> did vic
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. >> life support as they scramble to repair healthcare.gov by the end of the month deadline. can the obama administration recover from the damage already inflicted by the rough rollout? >> whether you like the model of obama care or not, the fact that the president sold it on a basis that was not true has undermined the foundation of his second term. i think it's rotting it away. >> double down. they changed the game with political tell-all that went behind the scenes with 2008 election. mark halperin back with latest insider scoop that's already shaking up the political landscape. they will noin me to share some of the most revealing moments of the 2012 white house including fallout inside team obama after this first debate performance rocked the campaign on its heals. >> take it and go to congress, fight for it. >> that's what we've done. made some adjustments and we're putting it before -- >> you've been president four years. you've been president four years. >> good monday to you. hope you had a great weekend. i'm kristen welker in for andrea mitchell. a billion dollar presidential cam
developments for us. >> there is even more than that. the latest salvo over healthcare.gov came just this afternoon when three house republicans slammed health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius for blaming problems with the rollout on the government shutdown. but the latest issue with the website wasn't political at all. it was another big technical problem over the weekend that only got fixed today. is it working or not? 27 days after it was supposed to be open for business, the healthcare.gov website crashed again over the weekend. it was up and running again on monday. the administration blames this latest problem on one of the 56 contractors for the project, a subsidiary of verizon called terremark which was responsible for website capacity issues. >> the healthcare.gov technical team continued troubleshooting the issue with the online creation account process. >> reporter: meanwhile, the administration had other pressing problems. a triple threat on capitol hill. republican chairman darrell issa and his house reform and oversight committee wanted a slew of documents
on the implementation of the affordable care act and the healthcare.gov website. halfling sebelius testified -- kathleen sebelius does divide on wednesday and apologized for the flaws of the website as it was launched october 1. >> thank you. members of the committee, i left my position as governor of kansas for the opportunity to continue the work i've been doing for most of my over 35 years of public service to expand opportunities for all americans, gardens of geography or gender or income to have affordable health coverage. during my years as a state is a governor, a two-term i have worked on that effort that i care deeply about. there are still millions of americans who are uninsured as well as underinsured. forle have some coverage some illness, but had no real protection from financial ruin and no confidence he will take care of themselves and their families if they have an accident or an illness. and for them a new day has finally come. in these early weeks, access to healthcare.gov has been miserably frustrating experience for way too many americans. including many who have waiting sometimes th
who have attempted to use healthcare.gov to shop and enroll in health care coverage, i want to apologize to you the website has not worked as well as it should. we know how desperately you need affordable coverage. i want to assure you healthcare.gov can and will be fixed. we are working around the clock to deliver the experience that you deserve. we are seeing improvements each week. >> the medicare chief apologizing and acknowledging there have been major issues with the website. we'll have a live report from washington on today's hearing and new concerns that the president may have potentially misled the public on one aspect of the law. >> yeah, plus tonight, we'll have a special report on obama care for viewers in the united states. that's at 6:00 eastern. now, also in washington, the ever-growing firestorm over u.s. spying is about to come to a head. >> right. it's not just in washington. it's around the world. this has been making big news abroad. the directors of national intelligence and the nsa will testify on capitol hill today about u.s. surveillance at home and a
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that. >> congressman, thank you for your time today. >> you bet, thank you. >>> parts of healthcare.gov will be taken offline for repair in a few hours. it's the focus of republicans in their weekly address. >> too many americans still cannot even access the online exchanges and for the few that have, they're experiencing sticker shock. the president told us that obama care is more than a website. i agree. it is more than just a website and the problems run far deeper than a few technological glitches. >> the obama administration says it is pulling out all the stops to try to fix healthcare.gov, including drafting experts from google and other tech firms to help patch up the ailing website, this as we learn that only six people signed up on the first day and 248 people by day two. let's bring in the chairman and ceo of e-health, handled more than 20 million visitors last year. good to see you. thanks for stopping by, gary. give us a sense of how this is more than a website? we have this graphic from xerox which lays out the exchanges. where do you think they got the rocky start here
you logon to the healthcare.gov website, you'll see something like this. again, this time they're taking it down but they're doing it on purpose. we'll tell you why next. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. you're history. selsun blue itchy dry scalp. gets to the root of dandruff and hydrates the scalp. selsun blue itchy dry scalp. >>> healthcare.gov website will be down again tonight. but in this case the outage is a deliberate one. at least this time. but department of health and human services says starting at 9:00 eastern the website will be offline to work on making enhancements to the system. the outage will last 12 hours. you can still use the toll-free number to sign up for health insurance. so, it will be down a little bit tonight. >>> new jersey governor chris christie looks like he's headed for an easy re-election victory on tuesday adding to speculation about a possible christie run for the white house. if he were to be the gop nominee in 2016 he could face hillary clinton or may
. but first, the obama care debate. the healthcare.gov was actually off site for repairs over the weekend. they said saturday the glitches are, quote, just at this present time of the iceberg. this week, as you might have remembered, the president traveled to boston to compare the rough start of obama care to what he called the slow start of the massachusetts health care plan. but he also praised his 2012 opponent mitt romney, who in 2006, as governor of massachusetts, signed that state's health care reform legislation into law. >> i've always believed that when he was governor here in massachusetts, he did the right thing on health care. if it was hard doing it just in one state, it's harder doing it in all 50 states. >> that is proving to be the case. and the 2012 republican presidential nominee, former governor mitt romney joins me exclusively this morning. governor, it's good to see you. thank you for being here. >> thanks, david. good to see you. >> why do you reject the compliment from president obama this week when he says obama care based on romney care and that's the right way to
. in these early weeks, access to healthcare.gov has been a miserably frustrating experience for way too many americans. including many who have waited years, in some cases their entire lives, for the security of health insurance. i am as frustrated and angry as anyone with the flawed launch of healthcare.gov. so let me say directly to these americans, you deserve better. i apologize. i am accountable to you for fixing these problems. i am committed to earning your confidence back by fixing the site. we are working day and night and we will continue until it is fixed. we have recently added new management talent, additional expertise, and a new general contractor to fix the system in two broad categories. performance and function. our extensive assessment has determined that the website is fixable. i want to outline some of the improvements. we have more users successfully creating accounts. we can process 17,000 account registrations per hour. 5 per second. users can now see whether they are eligible for financial assistance and make more informed decisions. consumers can shop for plans quic
on implementing the law and their concern is that once the healthcare.gov website glitches are worked out, some consumers will go online and be disappointed with high prices and limited choice. according to the notes from october 28th, quote, mike described a general concern of p.m. or project management, quote, getting to the point where the website is functioning properly and individuals begin to select plans, the media attention will follow individuals to plan selection and their ultimate choices and in some cases, there will be fewer options than would be desired to promote consumer choice and an ideal shopping experience. additionally, in some cases, there will be relatively high cost plans. project management is a reference to those individuals in the obama administration tasked with standing up the affordable health care law at the center for consumer information and insurance oversight. the discussion appeared to be in reference to an october 24th story by the "new york times" titled quote, health care law fails to lower prices for rural areas, unquote, which states that while competiti
:15. we expect lots of questions about the healthcare.gov website and the rollout of the health care law. centers for medicare and medicaid administrator marilyn tavenner testified about that liveit on c-span3. here is a look. >> thank you, chairman camp and ranking member levin and members of the committee. we launched on october 1st one. key provisions affordable care acthe the new marketplace where people without health insurance including those who could not afford it and not part after group plan could go to get affordable coverage. we know consumers are having difficulty enrolling via the marketplace website. it is important to note that the affordable care act however is however more than just a website. it create as new market which allows people to access quality, affordable health care. it i it allows them to have insurance options. it create as pooling of consumers into statewide group plans that i can spread the riss between sick people and healthy people, between youngli and old and bargains on their behalf to give them the best deal on health insurance. by creating competit
to protect information, yes, sir. >> a hearing held on capitol hill over delays to the affordable healthcare act. and counting down to the winter olympics in russia, trying to get ready. uh. >> members of congress say they want answers about the national security agency and its surveillance programs and they are rabbit to get those answers. at this hour, the nsa chief set to testify before the house intelligence committee. randall pinkston joins us live, just yesterday, european delegates said that the trust that is between the nations has to be rebuild, their words and they say that steps must be taken so what are those steps to rebuild the trust? one of the major steps is to allow those officials to have communications with key intelligent officials to calm nerves and ease concerns about the reports that the u.s. has been spying on its top allies including the leaders of some of those nations like angela merkel for example. i can't show it to you because the camera position can't change, but awaiting the arrival of general alexandar who will be testifying about 1:30, about 30 minutes from
healthcare experience that works for you. and you. and you. with 50 years of know-how, and a dedicated network of doctors, health coaches, and wellness experts, we're a partner you can rely on -- today, and tomorrow. we're going beyond insurance to become your partner in health. humana. >>> our instant index this friday begins with the new face of bullying and the support pouring in tonight. professional football player with the miami dolphins jonathan martin left the team this week allegedly bullied by his teammates in the lunch room. he was a no show for last night's game. tonight some players now coming forward admitting he was bullied and saying they support him. they now want him back. >>> and a snapshot from one family's halloween album look at this tiny astronaut enjoying her first halloween, six month old mila with her grandpa, former president george w. bush. enjoying his first halloween with a grand baby to take trick or treating. and another halloween costume that had so many talking. can you guess who this is? believe it or not supermodel heidi klum unrecognizable. thanks t
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attkisson has been digging into this. >> reporter: as healthcare.gov was being developed, crucial tests to ensuring the security and privacy of customer information fell behind schedule. our analysis found that the deadline for final security plans slipped three times from may 6 to july 16. security assessments to be finished june 7 slid to august 16 then the 23rd. the final required top-to-bottom security tests never got done. the house oversight committee released an obama administration memo that shows four days before the launch the government took an unusual step. it granted itself a waiver to launch the web site with a level of uncertainty deemed as a high security risk. agency head marilyn tavener accepted the risk and mitigation measures like frequent testing and a dedicated security team. but three other officials signed a statement saying "that does not reduce the risk of launching october 1." georgetown law professor lawrence gostin is a big supporter of the affordable care act. he helped congress write the law to meet constitutional standards but he's critical of the launch
work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. >>> the day before new jersey voters cast their ballots, polls show the governor chris christie holds a massive lead over his democratic challenger. it's an election that could put christie in very solid position for a white house run and it's an election that may have a big impact on the future of the republican party. cnn's erin mcpike is live in new jersey and joins us now. what does it look like there? >> reporter: well, wolf, chris christie was campaigning this morning in freehold, new jersey, which of course is the home of bruce springsteen but in the past four years, chris christie has become very much a rock star in his own right in this state, and i've got to tell you, he was getting that kind of treatment everywhere he went today. four years after he won in what was a squeaker, this race whic
. healthcare.gov was knocked offline sunday along with the data hub that verifies eligibility for government subsidies. service was restored monday. as the health and human services department aims for a november 30th deadline to get the site fully operational, it's giving detailed updates on problems. the latest says, in part, we're also getting information on which parts of the application are causing the most errors, enabling us to prioritize what we fix next. the website is key to getting young tech-savvy people to sign up, young, healthy people are key to making the whole system work, chris and kate, because they offset the older less healthy who are more expensive to provide health care for. >> brianna, thank you so much. >>> a lot of news this morning. let's get to michaela for the headlines. >>> good morning to the two of you. a texas man under arrest after a shocking murder spree near dallas. police say charles brownlope killed five people in four locations, apparently burning one person to death. it's unclear if he has any motive. >>> two suspected members of al shabaab have been k
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